You need this exercise on test cypionate cycle: Chest Press in a simulator sitting

You need this exercise on test cypionate cycle: Chest Press in a simulator sitting. Exercise chest press in the simulator sitting, pumps the middle, bottom and top of the chest, partly the front deltas. Hones the shape and relief of the pectoral muscles. Formative testosterone cypionate.

Bench presses were and remain one of the most important exercises in any bodybuilder program. Along with squats and deadlifts, this is a key upper body exercise. It is in the bench press that athletes test their strength.

Simulator bench press used for shaping and cutting through the test cypionate cycle, adding “banding” to them.

The biomechanics of upper limb movement in this exercise is almost the same as when performing various jolts, pushups and punches. These movements are characteristic of gymnastics (exercises on the mat), boxing (various hand strokes), American football (pushing and blocking the enemy), tennis and badminton (strikes with an open racket), shot put and throwing a disc.

Technique of the exercise: press from the chest in the simulator sitting on test cypionate cycle

1. Adjust the height of the arms so that they are at shoulder level or slightly lower.

2. Sit straight and press your back and head against the back of the testosterone cypionate. Place the legs wider than the shoulders so that the feet are strictly below the knees (the angle at the knees is straight).

3. Grasp the handles with the grip on top (palms facing forward) shoulder width or wider. This is the starting position.

4. Inhale and hold your breath, squeeze the arms from the chest.

5. Breathe out when you overcome the most difficult part of the movement or when you completely straighten your arms.

You need this exercise on test cypionate cycle: Chest Press in a simulator sitting

6. At the top point, make a short pause and, holding your breath, smoothly return the handles to the starting position.

7. As soon as the arms approach the chest, do not stop or test cypionate cycle, but immediately press the arms from the chest.

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1. A pause at the lowest point (arms on the chest) makes the exercise very difficult. When the arms approach the chest, the muscles involved are extremely tense and full of energy. Use it to quickly change direction and spring the test cypionate cycle away from you. When you stop, you unwittingly relax your muscles and dissipate the charge of energy concentrated in them, which means you will have to make additional efforts to re-tension the muscles in full force and move the arms off the ground. Although, on the other hand, this is not so bad, since in fact it is an additional testosterone cypionate for muscle growth.

2. It is very important to hold your breath for the time when the test cypionate cycle return to their original position and bench press (i.e., when the muscles contract or stretch, actively resisting the load). This makes it easier to keep the spine in the correct position and allows you to develop a more powerful force (you increase your strength by an average of 20% compared to when you are holding the bench without holding your breath).

3. If you are working with a heavy working weight, push your feet to the floor as much as possible and in no case take your back and hips off the bench.

4. If the simulator allows you to use a neutral grip (palms look at each other), alternate sets with a neutral and straight (palms look forward) grip. This will allow to process the muscles at different angles.

5. In the initial position, the elbows should not strongly “climb out” behind the test cypionate cycle. When returning the arms to the chest, try to separate your elbows to the sides, and not to pull them back behind your back, otherwise you risk injuring the shoulder joint.

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