Test cypionate before and after: Bench press on an inclined bench

Test cypionate before and after: Bench press on an inclined cypionate. Exercise test cypionate press on an inclined cypionate before and after, pumps the top of the chest. Expands and raises the pectoral muscles. Formative exercise.

Press on an inclined test cypionate up is the most useful exercise for the development of all the muscles of the shoulder girdle. It is more load on the upper beam of the chest, “the most difficult to pump” and the delta, in contrast to the standard cypionate before and after press.

Due to the positive angle of inclination of the cypionate before and after, the entire load focuses on the upper chest, highlighting and expanding this area.

When you press the barbell on the test cypionate before and after with a tilt up, the muscles of the torso and arms work much the same way as when throwing a spear, when throwing the ball with both hands from the chest in basketball, a direct hit in boxing, pushing the opponent with two hands in rugby.

Technique of the exercise: press the bar on the test cypionate before and after with a slope

1. Raise the back of the test cypionate before and after 35-40 degrees relative to the horizontal. Lie on the test cypionate, put your feet wider than your shoulders and press them to the floor. Hips, shoulders and head pressed to the cypionate.

2. Grasp the bar by the grip on top. The distance between the palms is slightly greater than the width of the shoulders.

3. Remove the barbell from the stops and gently lower it to the upper chest. Take a breath and, holding your breath, squeeze the barbell up. Elbows all the time looking to the side.

4. Exhale only when you overcome the most difficult part of the climb or when you reach the top point (arms fully extended, but not blocked in the elbows)

5. At the top point, pause and with additional effort tighten your chest muscles even more.

6. Inhale and hold the breath, gently lower the neck to the upper chest, and as soon as you touch it with the fingerboard, immediately change the direction of movement and squeeze the barbell up.

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7. At the bottom point, you can pause. In this case, as soon as the bar touched the chest, breathe out, then take a deep breath and, holding the breath, squeeze the bar up.

8. All phases of the exercise (lowering and pressing) are performed at a smooth, moderate pace.

Test cypionate before and after: Bench press on an inclined bench


1. Hold your breath while pushing the boom up. It helps the muscles of the lumbar region to hold the spine tighter, increases the stability of the body and gives strength.

2. Throughout the exercise, elbows should be directed strictly to the sides. Remember, the closer the elbows to the sides of the body, the more the load is shifted to the shoulders.

3. To achieve maximum contraction of the upper muscles of the chest and triceps, at the top of the arm should be fully extended (but not before blocking in the elbows).

4. The grip should not be too wide. So you reduce the amplitude of movement and risk overloading the chest muscles.

5. At the lowest point do not push (do not spring off) the barbell, bending upwards with the whole body. Throughout the set, press and lower the bar at a moderate pace.

6. Do not use excessively heavy barbell. The decisive role here is played by the correct technique, and only then by the weight of the load.

7. Throughout the entire set for a second, do not relax the abs and lower back muscles. The stronger they are, the more stable the position of the torso and the easier it is to press the barbell.

8. Pause-stop at the bottom point complicates the exercise, since then additional effort is required to move the stopped bar from the dead center.

9. Lower and press the barbell at a moderate pace. A slow pace can cause excessive stress on the joints and makes it difficult to control the correct form of movement.

10. If the cypionate is set below 30 degrees to the horizontal, then the focus of the load is directed to the middle and lower parts of the chest muscles. If the test cypionate before and after is above 45 degrees, then the focus of the load is shifted from the pectoral muscles to the deltas.

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