Information in the crossover through the lower blocks during Testosterone cypionate

Information in the crossover through the lower blocks during Testosterone cypionate. The exercise of convergence in the crossover through the lower blocks, pumps the upper part and the inner edge of the chest, the front deltas. Gives shape and “striation” of the top of the pectoral muscles. Isolation exercise.

Crossover through the lower blocks purposefully loads the upper chest and is used in order to achieve a clear separation of the left and right pectoral muscles both from the deltas and between them in the center of the body, as well as to work out the muscle separation of the upper chest.

Regularly practicing data in the crossover through the lower blocks, you will make your side blows from top to bottom in boxing or martial arts more powerful, you will become much more confident playing tennis in the net, more agile to capture the test cyp and hold him tighter in the fight, throw the ball in handball more strongly and, finally, improve the quality of your program on the rings and on the carpet in the gym.

Technique: information in the crossover through the lower blocks on Testosterone cypionate

1. Attach the D-shaped handles to the crossover trunks passing through the upper blocks, and grasp them with a grip on top. Stand exactly halfway between the crossover struts and take a small step forward with one foot. This will give the body a more stable position.

2. Bend your knees slightly and tilt your torso forward by 10-20 °. Bend your elbows slightly and fix the elbow joint in this position until the end of the set.

3. Take a deep breath and, holding your breath, move the arms in front of the stomach, just below the chest. At the top of the handle should touch each other or cross.

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4. Pause, exhale and smoothly return to the starting testosterone cypionate.

5. Throughout the set, the torso, legs, elbow joint and wrists are fixed. All movement occurs exclusively in the shoulder joint.

Information in the crossover through the lower blocks during Testosterone cypionate


1. Be sure to hold your breath as you close your hands. This makes it easier to keep the torso stationary and concentrate on the contraction of the chest muscles. When you exhale, return to the starting test cypionate, in any case, do not relax your muscles. Actively resist the weight and spread your hands along the same path along which you drove them.

2. Do not perform the exercise on fully extended arms, otherwise you will injure your elbow joints.

3. The higher and closer you close your arms, the more the upper part of the pectoralis major muscle contracts, especially its inner edge in the area of ​​the clavicle.

4. Be sure to bring your hands together or cross them in front of your Testosterone cypionate. This is a guarantee that you fully use the front toothed and small pectoral muscles.

5. Do not bend your arms in elbows and do not tilt the body forward when bringing the handles together.

6. For the manifestation of all the details of the pectoralis major test cypionate and the distinct separation of the muscles of the left and right half of the body, alternate the crossover through the lower blocks with the crossover through the upper blocks. The latter option focuses the load on the middle and lower parts of the chest, especially on its inner edges.

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