How to do it on testosterone 250 cypionate: Dumbbell bench bench with tilt up

How to do it on testosterone 250 cypionate: Dumbbell bench bench with tilt up. Exercise dumbbell bench press with a tilt up, pumps the top and inner edge of the pectoralis major muscle. It thickens and gives shape to the top of the chest. Formative testosterone.

Bodybuilding dumbbell bench bench tilt up used to eliminate the problem of flat chest. The denser and more massive the top of the chest (namely, the focus of the load in the exercise is directed here), the bigger the whole breast looks.

The strength of the muscles involved in this exercise is extremely important when performing testosterone 250 cypionate, strikes and throws, especially when the arms move upwards relative to the body.

Technique: dumbbell bench press with tilt up on testosterone 250 cypionate

1. Raise the back of the bench by 30-45 ° relative to the horizontal. Lie on the bench, put your feet wider than your shoulders and press them to the floor. Hips, shoulders and head pressed to the testocyp.

2. Take dumbbells by grip from above and lift them to shoulder level (closer to the deltas). Throughout the exercise, your palms should look exactly where your gaze is directed — strictly upwards. This is the initial position (lower point).

3. Take a deep breath and, holding your breath, squeeze the dumbbells up so that at the top they are exactly above the shoulders. The elbows move strictly in the plane of the shoulders and are always directed to the testosterone 250 cypionate.

4. Having overcome the most difficult part of the lift, exhale.

5. At the top point, the arms are fully extended, and the dumbbells are located strictly above the shoulders. Pause and tighten your chest muscles even more. Then take a deep breath and, holding your breath, lower the dumbbells to your shoulders.

6. As soon as the dumbbells reach the level of the test cyp, without stopping, immediately change the direction of movement and again squeeze the dumbbells up.

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7. To increase the intensity of working out the upper part of the chest muscles, press the dumbbells not just up, but along a wide arc, leading them over the center of the upper edge of the chest so that the dumbbells almost touch each other at the top point.

How to do it on testosterone 250 cypionate: Dumbbell bench bench with tilt up

8. All phases of the exercise (lowering and steroids) are performed at a moderate pace, without acceleration.

9. For a change, try doing a dumbbell press with one testosterone 250 cypionate. At the same time try to squeeze the dumbbell as high as possible (it is allowed to take the shoulder off the steroids).


1. Breathing during movement does not allow the stabilizing muscles to relax, which increases the body’s stability and gives extra strength.

2. Throughout the entire set, the elbows move strictly in a vertical plane passing through the shoulders, and all the time are directed strictly to the sides. Approaching the elbows to the sides of the torso, you risk injuring the testosterone 250 cypionate.

3. At the top of the arm should be fully extended, and dumbbells – over the shoulders or even closer together. Otherwise, you will not be able to “reach” the front gear muscle and the inner edge of the top of the pectoralis major muscle.

4. If dumbbells diverge wider than shoulders at the top test cyp, then you risk overloading the lateral edge of the pectoralis major muscle.

5. Do not stop at the lowest point. This complicates the exercise. Lowering the dumbbells and the following steroids should look like one smooth, continuous movement.

6. Do not use excessively heavy weight. This will trigger you to engage in the work of the delta, torso and legs.

7. During the dumbbell bench, the extensor muscles of the spine should be constantly stretched (isometric contraction) and firmly hold the natural curve of the spine, not allowing the head and shoulders to detach from the testosterone 250 cypionate.

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